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The Institute is fluid, alive, and restless, as is the natural flow of the tide.

The sea penetrates and ebbs, transforming the landscape and its infinite possibilities. And the water, contained in sand-bound pockets, fosters new life. Day by day.


Instituto Camboa sprang from the dream of making the north coast of Ceará, famous for its natural landscapes and cultural riches, a case study for sustainable development. 

Our mission is to protect the region from excessive and disorderly growth, promoting perennial actions that support its socio-economic development, demonstrating that inhabiting and preserving should walk hand in hand. 

Camboa wishes to bridge minds that support a dream of orderly development, and respectful tourism. Among businessmen, entrepreneurs, natives, visitors, public and private initiatives.



Urban Planning

Provide guidelines for land use to promote an orderly and harmonious development, preserving natural resources and the local culture. All urban planning is being developed in collaboration with a Group of Specialists.


Support the development of human resources, transforming the region's growth into opportunities for the local community.


Promote access to quality health services for the whole region’s population – tourists and locals. Our projects are carried out in partnership with social startup SAS Brasil.

Waste Management

Transform the region's waste into resources for local development. Check out the first project, developed and executed in collaboration with Visões da Terra. (MORE)

Renewable Energy

Generate sustainable energy solutions from renewable and clean sources.


Create an innovation hub, bringing innovative solutions to local challenges and fostering entrepreneurship.

Instituto Camboa is a Flow City initiative.
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